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Lady shares cost of trip to Europe online



A lady on Facebook with the name Oma Jim has shared on Facebook how much she spent on tourism visa to flight ticket.


For those who might want to tour Europa, here is the total cost of my Europe trip.

Before travelling, I loaded money in my virtual card (chipper cash) and also my UBA prepaid card, which allows you to use the ATM abroad. Also, I bought snacks in my hand luggage for emergency.


My visa cost N206,000, but it could have been less. So let me break it down for you so you know what you could avoid.

* The visa fee was €90, as at then, the exchange rate was N148,000.
I paid for a walk-in interview because I couldn’t book an appointment online. This service cost N41,000.

* I took another passport at the visa collection centre because they said my passport does not meet their standard, it cost N5000.

* I paid for my passport to be sent to me by DHL whether I get the visa or not. This service cost N12,000. The visa Collection centre is in Lagos, I’m in Delta, calculating my transport to Lagos, hotel and taxis just to pick up my passport… DHL is way cheaper.


I booked my ticket 3 days after my visa came out, so it was expensive. Flight tickets from Nigeria to Europe are cheap compared to flight tickets to other African countries. If you’re lucky to book ahead, you’ll get a ticket as low as 500 USD. If you know the hack of some route, you can get 450 USD. My ticket cost 750 USD… it was the period the dollar was N1,270… imagine if Dollar was N800 or N500?.😞

Look at the last screenshot on this post, I tried to book a ticket lastnight at Turkish airline from Abuja to France and back, leaving today 22nd May and returning on 1st December, it cost 643 USD and believe me, Turkish airline is expensive… there are airlines, and you’ll get the ticket way cheaper.


You can travel around Europe through 3 ways,
Flight, train, or by bus.

* Flight is expensive but there’s something I like about domestic flights abroad. If you’re flying without luggage, it’s cheaper than with a luggage, so if you’re travelling with just a backpack, your ticket is cheap.

Air peace would never develop this strategy o, let them be telling us about London route.

* Train. Train is very expensive.

* Bus is cheaper and very comfortable.

There is much space for leg, chilling AC, or heater if it’s cold, there is a bathroom, and if it’s a long journey, you can choose downstairs or upstairs to sit. I love the upstairs seats abi wetin dem dey call am.

One of the most effective bus companies in Europe is Flixbus.

Flixbus travels the whole of Europe. You can travel anywhere in Europe with flixbus, you can connect through the 27 countries of Schengen with just flix bus, although you will have to stop and join connecting buses just like international flight and you need to show your passport or valid id to board the bus.

Also, if you’re touring Europe, book your ticket online early as the tickets increase every minute. And you don’t pay cash.

So let’s go.

4. BUDAPEST – Hungary.🇭🇺

The bus that took me from the airport to Budapest cost 105 Euros. It was 90 Euros but I didn’t book early, I didn’t know if they would delay me at the airport. I had 2 connections before I got to Budapest.

At Budapest, Orshie hosted me, fed me, and took me around, I didn’t spend a dime. Thank you so much, Orshie.

4. ZURICH – Switzerland. 🇨🇭

My Flixbus bus from Nepliget in Budapest to Zurich cost 42 Euros. I also had one stop at Germany to connect the next bus.

At Zurich I bought a train ticket to take me to my hotel which cost 7 Swiss franc which is equivalent to 7 Euros.

I paid 40 Euros return ticket from Zurich to Luzern for sightseeing. (This 40 Euros was given to me by my boss, who keeps talking nonstop about beautiful places in Switzerland and wants me to explore his country, so it wasn’t my money)

Also, whenever we drive out, he will give me 30 Swiss Francs to go check out some swiss traditional restaurants and buy food… I don’t buy any food😕… I was eating my snacks. He did this for 4 days until he travelled to Thailand. I went to a swiss bank and converted the maney because I would need Euros for my tour and not Swiss Franc😎…

Travel with snacks… it will save you money.

When we drove to Germany to see his associate, I spent 7 Euros for a train ticket to Steckborn in Germany because I wanted to explore. I was fed and housed by Barbs.

5. STRASBOURG – France 🇫🇷

The bus that took me from Zurich in Switzerland to France cost 50 Euros. When I got to Strasbourg, I took a train for 16 Euros to Sarrebourg… I stayed at the farm and ate healthy organic food, learned organic farming, and how to make some organic juice, I met other volunteers and had the time of my life without spending any money.😁

6. PARIS – France 🇫🇷

My mom and sisters sent me 60 Euros to visit Paris and take photos of the Eiffel tower and sent to them… I can’t spend my money on over hyped places like that.

From Strasbourg to Paris cost 25 Euros. from Paris I took a train to the Eiffel tower for 2.15 Euros, I bought bread 5 Euros to eat with the butter I carried, that was all the money I spent in Paris.

Veronika paid for my ticket and other snacks, so I didn’t spend any other money.

7. ZURICH – Switzerland 🇨🇭

I went back to Switzerland to get my big suitcases and other business 😋 the bus that took me back to Switzerland cost 42 Euros.

8. ROME – Italy 🇮🇹

Before leaving Rome, my boss gifted me 100 Euros when I told him I’ll stay 2 nights there… I am a valuable asset to my Boss if not that he is possessed by belzebub.

My bus ticket to Rome cost 40 Euros… it was 30 at first, but before I made up my mind, Tinubu av enter the bus fare with 10 Euros increase… I crewed.😫

In Rome, I got a hostel for 105 Euros for 2 nights + Tourist tax 10 Euros.

There is a law in Italy that every night you stay in a hotel you pay 10 Euros but in a hostel you pay 5 Euros, so my total hostel price for 2 nights cost 115 Euros.

My hostel to the Colosseum is like a 10 minutes walk so I didn’t pay transportation.

I bought dinner, 5 Euros.

Also, on Sunday, it was free for all to enter the Colosseum, so I didn’t pay for tickets to enter.😊


I bought a 24-hour train ticket for 7 Euros, which was a huge mistake.

In Rome, the 24 hours tickets would allow you enter all the train and buses and travel around Rome for 24 hours but let me tell you, you would be at the Vatican the whole day because there is so much to see and document that you won’t have time to hop in and out of a bus to explore… so if you find yourself in Rome and you want to visit the Vatican, buy a ticket of 1.50 Euros to go and another 1.50 Euros to return.

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From Rome I booked a bus online for 8 Euros to take me to the airport. It was a one hour trip from my hostel to the airport.

So this broke girl toured 7 countries in Europe for almost 5 weeks and spent approximately €520, which almost half of the total amount was gifted to me by my boss minus the money my mom and siblings sent me to go Eiffel tower.

Only 2 nights I spent in Rome, I spent almost 150 Euros, I almost had a heart attack… imagine if I didn’t have a good network that hosted me, you think I would have the money to tour Europe?🤣

I spent less because MY FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES HOSTED ME, and I also VOLUNTEERED… Don’t forget that.

Please make friends,
Please keep in touch with your friends,
Invest in relationships and partnerships.

It can save you in difficult times.

I really want my friends to be very rich so I can be staying free at their mansions and villas. They would be picking me up with their private jet.

You people should have money please na, I’m tired of spending my money on plane tickets and hotels…😫

I will make a video on how my passport was seized at the airport.

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A church wedding is just an owambe – Reno Omokri.




You had a wedding in church. You did not have a marriage. What you did in church is not better than an owambe. It is not even necessary. A marriage is a family affair. That is why, in almost every country on Earth, marriage is under family law. Please assume I am lying age fact-check me.

No priest, pastor or reverend has ANY business with marriage. Once your family accepts the union, you are married. It is only the girl’s father that has authority to say, ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife’. Any church doing that is just an interloper. From there, you simply have to register it in a marriage registry.

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A church marriage is just an uneconomical use of money. It is not unnecessary. The word church is even unknown to the original Scripture and Bible. I know that many of us, as Black people, are fond of reading one thing and understanding another. I am not saying that the word church is not in your English translation of the Bible. What I am telling you is that it is not in the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Koine Greek Scriptures and Bible.

The actual Koine Greek word used is Ekklesia, which simply means gathering.

The word church is a European invention. It is from their culture. It has NOTHING to do with Yeshua, who never entered a church, cathedral, basilica, abbey, or any similar edifice throughout His life on Earth.

Yeshua (Jesus) worshipped at a synagogue and attended a marriage ceremony at a house. Yeshua (Jesus) was invited as a guest. He was not an officiating priest. There is nothing like an officiating priest. Any priest who officiates at a wedding is serving his church, not God. Read it yourself in John 2:2, which says:

“Yeshua himself and his disciples were invited to the wedding banquet.”

Your African traditional marriage is acceptable. It is not evil. It is not heathen or uncivilised. Marriage is part of the Fifth Commandment, to “Honour thy father and thy mother”. You honour them by marrying in their house and under their authority.

That is why Scripture in Genesis 24:67 says:

“Isaac brought her into his mother Sarah’s tent, and took Rebekah, and she became his wife.”

If your parents are dead, then you can marry in your own house, which is why Scripture says in 2 Samuel 11:27 that:

“David had her brought to his house, and she became his wife.”

Read Scripture and the Bible for yourself. Organised religion from Europe is not better than organised crime from the same Europe.

The Catholic, Anglican, and other European Churches have historically killed more people than the Italian and Sicilian Mafia. It is not even close.

But you will see their brainwashed, mind-controlled minions come under this post and regurgitate dogma (church doctrine) and philosophy in defence of those who programmed their minds.


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Lyrics of ‘Nigeria We Hail Thee’




Lyrics of ‘Nigeria We Hail Thee’

Nigeria, we hail thee,

Our own dear native land,

Though tribe and tongue may differ,

In brotherhood, we stand,

Nigerians all, and proud to serve

Our sovereign Motherland.

Our flag shall be a symbol

That truth and justice reign,

In peace or battle honour’d,

And this we count as gain,

To hand on to our children

A banner without stain.


O God of all creation,

Grant this our one request,

Help us to build a nation

Where no man is oppressed,

And so with peace and plenty

Nigeria may be blessed.

Unlike the anthem we’re used to, this one seems shorter, and we can bet that the students in schools are already learning the new anthem. You should get on board too.

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The Inspector-General of Police, IGP Kayode Adeolu Egbetokun, Ph.D., NPM, on behalf of the Officers and Men of the Nigeria Police Force deeply regrets to announce the passing of DIG Ibrahim Lamorde (retired), a distinguished officer and an exemplary leader. Born on December 20, 1962, in Mubi, Adamawa State, DIG Lamorde dedicated his life to public service and police, joining the Nigeria Police Force in 1986.

Throughout his illustrious career, DIG Lamorde rose through the ranks, serving with staunch professionalism. His integrity and dedication were evident in every role he undertook, culminating in his appointment as Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in 2011. During his tenure at the EFCC, DIG Lamorde was renowned for his steadfast stance against corruption. His leadership led to the successful prosecution of numerous high-profile cases and the recovery of substantial sums of looted funds.

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Upon concluding his service at the EFCC in 2015, DIG Lamorde continued his distinguished career in the Nigeria Police Force, eventually retiring as a Deputy Inspector General of Police in 2021 as the pioneer DIG for the Force Intelligence Department (FID). His career was characterized by an unyielding commitment to justice and the principles of professional policing.

The entire Nigeria Police Force mourns the loss of DIG Ibrahim Lamorde. His legacy as a dedicated officer and an anti-corruption crusader will continue to inspire future generations of police officers. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and colleagues during this challenging time. May his soul rest in peace.



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