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Junior Pope: Survival narrates how the boat capsized (Video)



A survivor of the boat mishap which happened at Anam River in Anambra State who goes by the name TC, has shared to the public the cause of the unfortunate incident.

TC said in an Instagram live session “Before I entered the boat, the first thing Junior Pope asked me was ‘What I’m I doing?’ And I said I was observing the water people. I can’t pass without sharing something. I have given them Fanta, so I don’t want anything bad to happen to me. Junior Pope agreed.

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“While we were going, the boat guy was wearing an earpiece, and Junior Pope was doing a video, I saw a small canoe with fishermen in front and due to his lack of experience, he drove right into the last point of the canoe and we somersaulted.”

The boat mishap claimed the life of Nollywood actor Pope Obumneme Odonwodo, also known as Junior Pope.

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Nollywood’s English filmmakers should learn professionalism from Yoruba producers – Funsho Adeolu




Popular Yoruba actor, Funsho Adeolu has stated that Yoruba filmmakers are far better than their Igb0 counterparts, noting that the Igb0s still have a long way to go in the movie industry.

In an interview with NET, the 55-year-old actor-cum-director who had always wanted to be a lawyer, but veered into acting after failing JAMB four times, said “I like to be in the midst of people that are professionals…

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Toyin Abraham wants to end beef with Mercy Aigbe, Funke Akindele

When I was in English [movies], I never worked with anybody apart from Tunji Bamishigbin, Jimi Odumosu, Tade Ogidan, and the likes. During that period, I got offers from others but I always declined because they were not professi0nals

Theirs (Igb0 filmmakers) is usually a case of somebody who started as a production assistant and in a year, claims to be a director. I had a standard and used to refùse their offers.”

The actor who has starred in popular soap operas such as: Palace, Super Story and Family Ties, disclosed that, “There is not that big money in Yoruba movies but I have realized that they are after knowledge, even though they are not as read as the English people.” Unlike the English movie sector where there is a lot of “fi.ghts and be.efs.”

Speaking further, the Ondo-born filmmaker noted that the Igb0 movie industry is far behind the Yorubas in terms of quality.

His words: “In their case, (Igb0 movie makers), often times, their marketer is also the producer and director

I’m not saying it is professi0nal, but it can be done, and well, too. Mel Gibson is a director, producer, actor and that is what we are looking at, but that does not mean everyone should do that. They feel it is a normal process for an actor to grow to become a producer and director, but it is not so.”

There are many things the Igb0 are lacking behinds

All thanks to Yoruba actor for taking the Nollywood to the next level and showing them the way.



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Reminisce Radio O-Y-O




Radio O-Y-O in those days before FM Radios Stations Came to “Dabarued” Everything. Very Educative and Entertained.

Ibadan Used To Be Centre Of Activities In The Whole Of South West.

Some Educative And Instructive Jingles Back then…..


(1). Campaign Against Examination Malpractice

Lead: Àsírí ìkokò kò ye kó towó ajá tú ú

Chorus: E e in

Lead: Àsírí ìdánwò kò ye kó tenu re jáde

Chorus: E e in

Lead: Eni a fèyìn tì bí ó ba yè wíwí ní í wí

Chorus: E e in

Lead: Ó dífá fún gbogbo èyin tí a fèyìn tì ní I àsírí ìdánwò o

Choru: E e in

Lead: Ìwo olùkó, ìwo akòwè, ìwo atèwé

Má fàsírí ìdánwò han omo re

Má fàsírí ìdánwò han olùfé

Má fàsírí ìdánwò han nítorí owó

All: A kì ì mà mà í se rú è kó mó hun ni

A kì ì mà mà í se rú è kó mó hun ni o.

A kì ì mà mà mà í se ru è kómó hun ni!

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For dignity in labour

Isé eni ni sé eni

Mó tijú isé re è

Ikán kì í tijú à á molé

Èèrà kì í à á yènà

Alápàńdèdè kì í tijú à ń fò kiri níta gbangba

Mó tijú isé re è

Ò bá à sàgbè, ò bá à sakòwé

Bó o jóní nàájà

Bó o jóní wóróbo

Mó tijú isé re è

Isé kì í pani àìse rè gan làbùkù!



Against theft and Pick Pocketer

Mo rí o o

Ìwo tó ñtowó bàpò alápò

Káì olè ni ò!



Eating varieties of food

Friend: Bàbá à Bólá (Bola Father) mo débí lánàá èbà lè ńje

Lónì yìí kan ná hàn èbà letún ńje

Háhà á kín lódé, èyin ò lóńje mí ìn ni?

Bàbá Bólá’s response: Òré mi ìwo ló tún so báyìí

Ká tó rí gaàrí òhún rà ńkó?

Friend: Ó tì o!

Isu ńbe lójà

Ìresì ńbe

Èlùbó nbe, àgbàdo ńbe

Dòdò àti dùūndú kìí mó ò soúnje alákòwé nì kan àn

Gbogbo rè ló dá a láa!



Household security at night

É Fura o, ìfura lòògùn àgbà

E fura!

Páńsá ò fura

Páńsá jáná

Àjà ò fura àjà jìn

Bó nílé ò bá fura

Olè ní ó kó lo

Té e bá fé sùn lálé

E tan ná yílé po

E sì tún tìlèkùn gboningbonin

E tójú u dúkìyà

Ká mó bá à fara wa lólè lówó.



Road safety and campaign against over speeding

Iná piti!

Gbé e n’lè

Tè é kanlè já wáyà è

Eesin je táyà e

Fún un ná à

Háhà kí ló dé ìwo ìyá yìí!

Háhà onímótò o ò sì sóra

Kinní kan mò ńbe léyìn nkàn àn

Dandan lowo ori je, tulasi laso ibora.



English jingles

Attention please! Attention please! Calling all drivers!Calling all drivers! Calling all motor scooter drivers! Excessive speeding can kill, have consideration for other road users’; a sweet rendition byYanjuAdegbite and there will be added music; ‘Aringbereniyomoyedele, asaretetekonimoyekan je’- That is, to be late is better than the late.

  • Avoid dirty and unripe fruits.
  • Cocaine is a killer.
  • Becareful with fire.
  • Don’t waste water.
  • Don’t jump the queue.
  • Don’t park your car just anywhere.

And some many other English jingles:

‘Sleeping on duty?’

‘Sorry sir!sorry sir!’

‘Sorry for yourself, you mustn’t have anaira added to your pay’

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Her real name is Toyin Afolayan, is a celebrated Nigerian actress known for her extensive work in the Yoruba-language film industry. Born on September 24, 1959, in Agbamu, Kwara State, Nigeria, she hails from a family with a strong film heritage, being the aunt of renowned actor Kunle Afolayan and actress Moji Afolayan.

Toyin Afolayan began her acting career in the early 1980s, gaining widespread recognition for her debut role in the 1985 film “Iya Ni Wura.” Over the years, she has become a household name, known for her versatility and powerful performances in both traditional and contemporary Yoruba films. Her stage name, Lola Idije, became synonymous with strong, maternal characters and complex, morally nuanced roles.

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Throughout her career, Lola Idije has featured in numerous critically acclaimed movies, including “Asiri Nla” (1992), “Asewo To Re Mecca” (1992), and more films like “Owo Blow”, “Ayitale and Jagunjagun” Her contributions to the film industry have earned her several awards and nominations, celebrating her talent and dedication to her craft.

Lola Idije’s impact on Nollywood, particularly the Yoruba segment, extends beyond her on-screen performances. She has become an iconic figure, inspiring many young actors and actresses in the industry. Her ability to portray a wide range of emotions and her deep understanding of cultural narratives have made her a beloved figure in Nigerian cinema.

In addition to her film work, Lola Idije is known for her philanthropic efforts and community involvement, often using her platform to support charitable causes and advocate for the betterment of the entertainment industry.

Toyin Afolayan, as Lola Idije, remains a pivotal figure in Nollywood, continuing to contribute to the growth and evolution of the Nigerian film industry. Her legacy is one of excellence, resilience, and a deep commitment to storytelling.

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