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I want to change some ladies mindset today. (sorry I will be very raw with these).

You see, men are not dogs. Not all of them are mad. They are not all sex maniacs that once they see you, they descend on you and finish up before you could open your mouth and say no. Not all the men on the street wants to get into your pants.

I’m going to be real and down to earth with this article. The way some ladies complain that men are always asking them for sex really baffles me. Why sex, why not marriage proposal? Why do men always want to sleep with you? Why is it that every single guy who asks you out is always hitting you for sex? Why won’t they marry you unless they have a taste of the forbidden fruit? What is the problem because this is a big problem! It is not something to be proud of, if all what men see about you is your body and nothing more. It is a cause for alarm!

let me take time to analyze it on a beat.



A female’s body means nothing to her. You are used to seeing your breasts and every soft body part all your life. It doesn’t mean a thing to you but to guys it means the universe!

Men are moved by sight. Wearing armless (exposing your shaved armpit and upper arm) can turn a man on talk less of the low neckline exposing the cleavage of your breasts. Tight trousers, tights (panty hose) which shows the shape of your buttock, mini and micromini skirts exposing your thigh all can make a man go wild! Better face reality now and mind the way you dress.

Some ladies say it doesn’t matter. Men should be able to control themselves. They are entitled to what they wear. Then you should be able to control yourself when they start asking you for sex and not come here lamenting all men are dogs!

I saw a lady around a street sometime ago and I whistled. Jesus Christ! The gown (not really a gown, the top was sown together with the trouser, it was suppose to be a gown but the one down is a trouser) clung to her body like her second skin and right through the window of the car, I was literally, looking at the shape of her buttock! It was like she wore nothing! She thought she looked so beautiful but well, she looked so seductive! If she was going to visit a male friend , it will take the power of the Most High God and the special anointing of the Holy Ghost for that guy not to sleep with her or asked her for sex.that is if a mad man didn’t rape her before she gets to her destination! It was that baaad!!!



Some ladies don’t know how to sit. Especially the skirt wearing sisters. You sit in front of a guy and open your laps, what do you want him to see? A trance? Yeah, he saw alot of it! Always close your thigh when you are sitting whether in front of a guy or not. Not sitting very well can become a habit and follow you around. And you wonder why all the brothers in the church wants to sleep with you!

I was on a bike one day and saw a fully grown, mature lady sitting in front of her shop with her thigh thrown apart. She wore a short gown exactly like the lady in this picture and was sitting facing the express road! The whole world had a complete assess to her holy of holies, may the Lord have mercy! If men start asking her for sex, she will tell us she doesn’t know why men are disturbing her.

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Ladies who touch, hug and wrap themselves around guys are sexual magnets to sexually immature guys. Why are you always hugging and pecking, for what? Can’t you talk without touching, holding and hugging someone? Some even sit on their “friend’s” lap and say it doesn’t matter. He is just a brother in Christ. He would soon be a lover in bed. Learn to control your emotions around the opposite sex. If you must hug, go look for your fellow lady to hug and peck and you still need to be careful. Lesbians are all over the places!



I hate it when women call me sweetheart- I’m not your sweetheart! I am sweetheart to only babe or my Wife. Some people just throw around the word babe” as if it is a second language! Why would you give all the guys in your life pet names? You say, “thanks honey,” “okay sweetie”, “see you dearie”, “bye love”, etc.,you are looking for serious trouble. Words like this turns a man on..



Here, you deliberately wear provocative dresses with the intention to turn him on. You want to see whether you are sexually admirable to him and want to see how far he can respond to your seduction. You don’t need that test at all. Men are turned on by women whether you seduce him or not. A woman’s body is built to turn a man on.



When I see the way some ladies pose on facebook, I wonder what they are really looking for. Why pouting? Do you want him to kiss you? Why turn your buttick to the camera? Do you want him to see how big it is? Why focus on your chest? Do you want him to know you have firm breasts? What is the purpose of the pictures you are posting?



Some ladies think because they are exceptionally beautiful, men will always ask for sex so it’s not really their fault that they sleep around.That is a big lie from the pit of hell!

One of My mentor is an exceptionally beautiful woman with large hips. You can easily pick her out from a crowd because of her hips. She uses no makeup and jewelry yet she has a stunning face that makes any man look twice yet she married as a virgin. In fact, …

You need to work on your mind. Thinking all men will die for you because you have a hot body is crap! Not all men lose their senses when they see a woman with seductive body. All irresponsible, immature, abusers and users do get attracted to her anyway. Mature, godly men don’t get their brain twisted on sporting that type of woman.

Remember: Alright, here are the seven (7) possible reasons men may be sleeping with you or always asking you for sex each time I come across one.

I know you are sick and tired of being used and dumped. If you really desire to get married and marry right, I mean you want to attract a godly man and gloriously settle down to a beautiful marriage, you will need to work on your mindset and change your attitude towards men.Watch what you wear, how you sit, where you go and the way you behave around men. A virtous lady dresses well to cover her body and comports herself maturely around men. You will be addressed the way you dress. If they are always asking you for sex. Check what is wrong and fix it. I repeat check what is wrong and fix it…God bless us all.


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Lady shares cost of trip to Europe online




A lady on Facebook with the name Oma Jim has shared on Facebook how much she spent on tourism visa to flight ticket.


For those who might want to tour Europa, here is the total cost of my Europe trip.

Before travelling, I loaded money in my virtual card (chipper cash) and also my UBA prepaid card, which allows you to use the ATM abroad. Also, I bought snacks in my hand luggage for emergency.


My visa cost N206,000, but it could have been less. So let me break it down for you so you know what you could avoid.

* The visa fee was โ‚ฌ90, as at then, the exchange rate was N148,000.
I paid for a walk-in interview because I couldn’t book an appointment online. This service cost N41,000.

* I took another passport at the visa collection centre because they said my passport does not meet their standard, it cost N5000.

* I paid for my passport to be sent to me by DHL whether I get the visa or not. This service cost N12,000. The visa Collection centre is in Lagos, I’m in Delta, calculating my transport to Lagos, hotel and taxis just to pick up my passport… DHL is way cheaper.


I booked my ticket 3 days after my visa came out, so it was expensive. Flight tickets from Nigeria to Europe are cheap compared to flight tickets to other African countries. If you’re lucky to book ahead, you’ll get a ticket as low as 500 USD. If you know the hack of some route, you can get 450 USD. My ticket cost 750 USD… it was the period the dollar was N1,270… imagine if Dollar was N800 or N500?.๐Ÿ˜ž

Look at the last screenshot on this post, I tried to book a ticket lastnight at Turkish airline from Abuja to France and back, leaving today 22nd May and returning on 1st December, it cost 643 USD and believe me, Turkish airline is expensive… there are airlines, and you’ll get the ticket way cheaper.


You can travel around Europe through 3 ways,
Flight, train, or by bus.

* Flight is expensive but there’s something I like about domestic flights abroad. If you’re flying without luggage, it’s cheaper than with a luggage, so if you’re travelling with just a backpack, your ticket is cheap.

Air peace would never develop this strategy o, let them be telling us about London route.

* Train. Train is very expensive.

* Bus is cheaper and very comfortable.

There is much space for leg, chilling AC, or heater if it’s cold, there is a bathroom, and if it’s a long journey, you can choose downstairs or upstairs to sit. I love the upstairs seats abi wetin dem dey call am.

One of the most effective bus companies in Europe is Flixbus.

Flixbus travels the whole of Europe. You can travel anywhere in Europe with flixbus, you can connect through the 27 countries of Schengen with just flix bus, although you will have to stop and join connecting buses just like international flight and you need to show your passport or valid id to board the bus.

Also, if you’re touring Europe, book your ticket online early as the tickets increase every minute. And you don’t pay cash.

So let’s go.

4. BUDAPEST – Hungary.๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡บ

The bus that took me from the airport to Budapest cost 105 Euros. It was 90 Euros but I didn’t book early, I didn’t know if they would delay me at the airport. I had 2 connections before I got to Budapest.

At Budapest, Orshie hosted me, fed me, and took me around, I didn’t spend a dime. Thank you so much, Orshie.

4. ZURICH – Switzerland. ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ

My Flixbus bus from Nepliget in Budapest to Zurich cost 42 Euros. I also had one stop at Germany to connect the next bus.

At Zurich I bought a train ticket to take me to my hotel which cost 7 Swiss franc which is equivalent to 7 Euros.

I paid 40 Euros return ticket from Zurich to Luzern for sightseeing. (This 40 Euros was given to me by my boss, who keeps talking nonstop about beautiful places in Switzerland and wants me to explore his country, so it wasn’t my money)

Also, whenever we drive out, he will give me 30 Swiss Francs to go check out some swiss traditional restaurants and buy food… I don’t buy any food๐Ÿ˜•… I was eating my snacks. He did this for 4 days until he travelled to Thailand. I went to a swiss bank and converted the maney because I would need Euros for my tour and not Swiss Franc๐Ÿ˜Ž…

Travel with snacks… it will save you money.

When we drove to Germany to see his associate, I spent 7 Euros for a train ticket to Steckborn in Germany because I wanted to explore. I was fed and housed by Barbs.

5. STRASBOURG – France ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท

The bus that took me from Zurich in Switzerland to France cost 50 Euros. When I got to Strasbourg, I took a train for 16 Euros to Sarrebourg… I stayed at the farm and ate healthy organic food, learned organic farming, and how to make some organic juice, I met other volunteers and had the time of my life without spending any money.๐Ÿ˜

6. PARIS – France ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท

My mom and sisters sent me 60 Euros to visit Paris and take photos of the Eiffel tower and sent to them… I can’t spend my money on over hyped places like that.

From Strasbourg to Paris cost 25 Euros. from Paris I took a train to the Eiffel tower for 2.15 Euros, I bought bread 5 Euros to eat with the butter I carried, that was all the money I spent in Paris.

Veronika paid for my ticket and other snacks, so I didn’t spend any other money.

7. ZURICH – Switzerland ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ญ

I went back to Switzerland to get my big suitcases and other business ๐Ÿ˜‹ the bus that took me back to Switzerland cost 42 Euros.

8. ROME – Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Before leaving Rome, my boss gifted me 100 Euros when I told him I’ll stay 2 nights there… I am a valuable asset to my Boss if not that he is possessed by belzebub.

My bus ticket to Rome cost 40 Euros… it was 30 at first, but before I made up my mind, Tinubu av enter the bus fare with 10 Euros increase… I crewed.๐Ÿ˜ซ

In Rome, I got a hostel for 105 Euros for 2 nights + Tourist tax 10 Euros.

There is a law in Italy that every night you stay in a hotel you pay 10 Euros but in a hostel you pay 5 Euros, so my total hostel price for 2 nights cost 115 Euros.

My hostel to the Colosseum is like a 10 minutes walk so I didn’t pay transportation.

I bought dinner, 5 Euros.

Also, on Sunday, it was free for all to enter the Colosseum, so I didn’t pay for tickets to enter.๐Ÿ˜Š


I bought a 24-hour train ticket for 7 Euros, which was a huge mistake.

In Rome, the 24 hours tickets would allow you enter all the train and buses and travel around Rome for 24 hours but let me tell you, you would be at the Vatican the whole day because there is so much to see and document that you won’t have time to hop in and out of a bus to explore… so if you find yourself in Rome and you want to visit the Vatican, buy a ticket of 1.50 Euros to go and another 1.50 Euros to return.

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From Rome I booked a bus online for 8 Euros to take me to the airport. It was a one hour trip from my hostel to the airport.

So this broke girl toured 7 countries in Europe for almost 5 weeks and spent approximately โ‚ฌ520, which almost half of the total amount was gifted to me by my boss minus the money my mom and siblings sent me to go Eiffel tower.

Only 2 nights I spent in Rome, I spent almost 150 Euros, I almost had a heart attack… imagine if I didn’t have a good network that hosted me, you think I would have the money to tour Europe?๐Ÿคฃ

I spent less because MY FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES HOSTED ME, and I also VOLUNTEERED… Don’t forget that.

Please make friends,
Please keep in touch with your friends,
Invest in relationships and partnerships.

It can save you in difficult times.

I really want my friends to be very rich so I can be staying free at their mansions and villas. They would be picking me up with their private jet.

You people should have money please na, I’m tired of spending my money on plane tickets and hotels…๐Ÿ˜ซ

I will make a video on how my passport was seized at the airport.

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Detectives of the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Lagos State Police Command, have arrested one Charles Chukwudi ‘m’ aged 48 for forgery and impersonation.


The suspect was arrested following discreet investigations into his issuance of fake court documents to unsuspecting members of the public. Found in his possession were forged official stamps of Chief Magistrate Admin, C/M Adeola Olatunbosun – Chief Magistrate Court I Yaba and Magistrate A.B Ajiferuke of Magistrate Court Epe. Also found in his possession was a fake police identity card and a passport photograph of the suspect in police uniform which investigation revealed he had photoshopped.

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Investigations had commenced into his fraudulent activities after its discovery by some court officials who in turn alerted the police. He was arrested within the premises of Tinubu Court, Lagos-island on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. He has since been arraigned.



Police Public Relations Officer,

Lagos State Command,




May 23, 2024.

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INEC hosts FOSIECOM, gives remark.




The Hon. Chairman INEC, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu and members of the Commission received the Chairmen and executive members of the Forum of State Independent Electoral Commission of Nigeria (FOSIECOM) led by Chairman of FOSIECOM, Chief Barrister Jossy Chibundu Eze at INEC headquarters Abuja.




Chairmen and other Executive Members of FOSIECOM

National Commissioners

The Secretary to the Commission

Other Senior Officials of the Commission

Members of the INEC Press Corps

Ladies and Gentlemen


1. I warmly welcome the Chairman of FOSIECOM, Chief Barrister Jossy Chibundu Eze who is also the Chairman of the Ebonyi State Independent Electoral Commission, as well as the other Executive Members of the Forum to INEC. This is not the first meeting between INEC and FOSIECOM since the inception of the Forum 18 years ago in 2006.

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2. Both INEC and SIECs are creations of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended). The conduct of Local Government elections is fundamental to the proper functioning of our democracy. In fact, Sections 153 and 197 of the Constitution establish INEC and SIECs as two distinct and independent bodies with powers under the Third Schedule Part I (F)(14-15) and Part II (B)[3-4] to organise, undertake and supervise elections. While SIECs are responsible for the conduct of Local Government elections for Chairmen and Councillors, INEC conducts all other executive and legislative polls from presidential and governorship to national and State legislative elections. Our mandates are therefore clearly defined by the Constitution. However, INEC is also empowered by Section 98 of the Electoral Act 2022 to conduct Local Government or Area Council elections in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

3. Realising our shared responsibility for the conduct of democratic elections in Nigeria and the challenges faced by SIECs in carrying out their mandates, INEC encouraged the establishment of FOSIECOM in a genuine effort to foster partnership for credible elections in Nigeria. Over the years, attempts were made to encourage the SIECs to maintain their independence. We signed an MoU under which assistance in the form of training, provision of some facilities, institutionalisation of the culture of planning through the development of a strategic plan, holding regular meetings with stakeholders, encouraging the SIECs to participate in our retreats and accrediting their officials to observe our elections. We also established the joint INEC/FOSIECOM consultative Committee headed by a National Commissioner. All these initiatives were proposed and undertaken in the firm belief that by working together, the 36 SIECs will leverage on the experience of INEC for a progressive improvement in the conduct of Local Government elections in Nigeria.

3. Unfortunately, the conduct of Local Government elections in virtually all the States of the Federation has become mere coronation of candidates of the ruling parties. It is time to stop the coronation and conduct proper elections. State Governors should allow the SIECs to have greater capacity for independent action. Many of the SIECs have no functional offices in the Local Government Areas in their States and cannot recruit their own permanent staff. In some States, the SIECs are either not properly constituted, have no security of tenure or their critical functions have been taken over by government officials. Some SIECs are only constituted on the eve of elections and dissolved thereafter. They are also severely under-resourced to the extent that some of them rely on INEC even for basic facilities such as ballot boxes and voting cubicles.

4. Consequently, many Nigerians mistake the SIECs for INEC. Indeed, even some of the stakeholders, including candidates for Local Government elections, call them State INEC. This situation has forced us to reconsider some aspects of our relationship with the SIECs. Our support is now largely restricted to the votersโ€™ register as provided by the Constitution. INEC cannot shoulder its own extensive responsibilities and at the same time extend almost limitless support to other independent electoral commissions for elections outside our mandate across the country from our lean Federal budget.

5. INEC is not unaware of the ongoing discussions about the future of elections for the 774 Local Government Chairmen as well as Councillors representing the 8,809 electoral wards in Nigeria. However, under the extant law, the 36 SIECs are responsible for the election of 768 Local Government Chairmen and 8,747 Councillors, making a total of 9,515 constituencies. INEC conducts elections for the 68 constituencies in the FCT made up of 6 Area Council Chairmen and 62 Councillors, including bye-elections as they arise.

6. It has been our earnest hope that the elections conducted by INEC in the FCT will provide a model for Local Government elections across the country. In spite of the challenges encountered, there has been a progressive improvement in the conduct of the Area Council Elections in the FCT. There is security of tenure for Chairmen and Councillors which is now four years. There are no caretaker committees as elections are held regularly. There is plurality in electoral outcomes as no single party has ever won elections in all the constituencies in the Area Councils. Happily, the Electoral Act 2022 that now governs the conduct of national and Area Council elections also applies to Local Government elections nationwide. This has been made possible by the efforts of INEC arising from earlier discussions with FOSIECOM on the imperative of a model law to govern the conduct of Local Government elections across the country.

7. I therefore appeal to FOSIECOM to take the bull by the horns. While there are legal and financial constraints to your operations, your independence does not necessarily draw from statutory or financial provisions alone. The courage with which you discharge your obligation to protect the integrity and credibility of elections is the most important determinant of success. There are no shortcuts to the discharge of this enormous responsibility.

8. I want to reassure you that INEC will continue to work with you to push the boundaries of electoral reform. Working together, we should continue to explore all avenues under the law to improve the conduct of Local Government Elections in Nigeria. However, you should always bear in mind that INEC and other stakeholders can only help you, but there must be a determination on your part to do the needful.

9. We appreciate this visit and look forward to a robust discussion on the way forward.

10. I thank you and may God continue to bless our efforts.



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